NEW-LINE Big radiator

NEW-LINE Big radiator
$ 724.95 USD

Originating from a specific requirement to increase cooling ability as much as possible, the Big is 5 cm wider (at 29 cm) than the RS and 9 cm wider than the R.


The Big model originates from a specific requirement dictated by a change to regulations. With the advent of the current kart fairings, which are bulkier than in the past, the area for the installation of the radiator has been deprived of a significant amount of air, which is diverted by the larger nose panels. This is the reason why New-Line Racing has tried to make up for this deficiency by producing a radiator that is more generous in size, not so much in terms of height, but in width.

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Technical Specification

measure (cm): 29 x 43 x 4
weight: 3,100 kg