New-line RS radiator (KZ/TAG)

New-line RS radiator (KZ/TAG)
$ 599.95 USD

This radiator features two chambers, front and back, and an aluminium cap on top to let water into the system.
The RS can be mounted together with a Supplementare or a Hobby and it is advised for all karting categories.
The radiator is available, on request, also in a hand-buffed chrome version.

Material: This radiator is made with an aluminium composed of three different alloys, to withstand the extremely high temperatures it is exposed to.
 width 24 cm, height 43 cm, thickness 4 cm.
- Comparison: 
The RS is comparable to the R, its predecessor, and with the Big. What differentiates them is width: 20 cm for the R, 24 cm for the RS, and 29 cm for the Big. As a consequence, radiating mass and resulting efficacy are also very different.

-Accessories: Mounting bracket, cooling grid, aluminium cap, curtain, Supplementary add-on radiator, Hobby add-on radiator, deflector. 

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