NEW-LINE S1 BIG radiator

$ 724.95 USD

The S1 BIG is identical to the New-Line's top of the line model (the BIG) except for the water hose, which connects facing front.

This feature is engineered specifically for the Honda S1 powered classes of the American. With a front end attachment (instead of the standard rear-end solution) the water hose creates a more direct and linear connection between engine and radiator, enhancing radiator performance and making things easier for mechanics.

The USA teams who tried it have expressed enthusiasm for both its functional and easy management and for the efficiency it yields.

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Technical Specification

-Who makes it? Manufacturing this radiator requires two people: the first creates the parts using a cast and prepares them for assembly; the other then welds the pieces together by hand, one by one.

This radiator is made with an aluminium composed of three different alloys, to withstand the extremely high temperatures it is exposed to.

width 29 cm, height 43 cm, thickness 4 cm.

The Double is comparable to the Big, its predecessor, which in turn is comparable to the R and the RS. What differentiates them is width: 20 cm for the R, 24 cm for the RS, and 29 cm for the Big and the Double. As a consequence, radiating mass and resulting efficacy are also very different.

 Mounting bracket, cooling grid, aluminium cap, curtain, Supplementary add-on radiator, Hobby add-on radiator, deflector.