Iame X30 JR complete package

Iame X30 JR complete package
$ 3,195.00 USD

The X30 has been engineered to provide an innovative yet faithful to tradition engine. The IAME X30 offers modern features, such as the electric starter, the balancer shaft and the water cooling, yet preserving traditional Karting engines aspects, such as the diaphragm carburetor and no power valve. The result is an engine that offers a pure Karting driving experience, combined with ease of use and low maintenance.

    • Engine Type: single cylinder ‐ 2 stroke
    • Bore: Ø 54.00 mm
    • Max Bore: Ø 54.28 mm
    • Stroke: 54.00 mm
    • Displacement: 123.67cc (125cc max)
    • Carb. Model: Tillotson HW-27A (Ø 26mm)
    • Inlet System: reed valve
    • Lubrication: oil mixture 4% to 6% (24:1 to 16:1)
    • Ignition System: digital with battery charger
    • Transmission: dry centrifugal clutch
    • Cooling System: water cooled
    • Starting: on-board electric starter
    • Max Power: 28 Hp (21 Hp JR) at 11.750 Rpm
    • Max Torque: 17 Nm (13Nm JR) at 10.750 Rpm
    • Max RPM Limit: 16.000 Rpm (Rpm limiter)

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