Rok shifter complete package

Rok shifter complete package
$ 3,800.00 USD


  • Single-cylinder 2 stroke engine with six-speed gearbox
  • Displacement 125 cc
  • Cast iron liner
  • 43 Hp at 13900 rpm
  • PVL analog ignition
  • Mixture-lubricated
  • External pump liquid cooled system
  • Dell'Orto carburetTor 30mm diameter
  • Intake reed valve in the crankcase
  • Number of transfer ducts: 5/3
  • Bore-stroke 54 x 54,5 m
  • Front clutch gear shift
  • Dry clutch
  • Oval exhaust with 2 boosters
  • C4 radial-bearings
  • ONE-PIECE Rok exhaust

By the arrival of the new Rok Shifter, the Rok engine family is enriching. The new gear box engine completes the extraordinary Rok engine range.
Rok Shifter comes to the light to accomplish the needs of those several drivers who wish to compete in a category with the gear box, in a well-known and very well managed championship such as the Rok Cup, facing affordable expenses and steady regulations in the time. Rok Shifter engine comes from the long standing and winning Vortex experience in the field with the two-stroke-kart engines and just after the many times winning RVXX 125 engine.
Rok Shifter has been conceived and realized with the aim of starting a dedicated championship, the Rok Cup Shifter, where all drivers will compete by means of this precious jewel made in Vortex, mounted on chassis of different brands. With a displacement of 43 HP, the Rok Shifter is the best engine offering good performances and operating costs.

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